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3-Way Motorized Ball Valves

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Feature: Motorized valve consists of two parts electric actuator and the valve. Function: The actuator can be installed close to the wall of the plane design, a small space

Production Introduction

The HY6016 fan coil electric two-way valve consists of a valve driver and a copper valve. Used to control the opening or closing of pipelines in cold or hot water air conditioning systems, achieving the purpose of controlling room temperature. The driver is driven by a unidirectional hysteresis synchronous motor and the valve spring returns.

Product Feature

--Motor large output torque, can achieve the best when the valve opens, prompting the flow through the large flow, small revert torque, closed without resistance, blocking water completely, and does not leak

--Built-in stainless steel valve spring, not easy fatigue, and can completely shut down by the water, increasing the electric valve life

--Actuator connected to the valve, by means of a screw without any tools, installation and dismantling can be quickly

--Actuator can be installed close to the wall of the plane design, a small space


220VAC 50Hz

Power consumption:


Valve body nominal pressure:


Allowed pressure:


Applicable medium.

cold water, hot water

Valve size:

DN15,DN20,DN252 way,3 way

Environmental temperature:


3-Way Motorized Ball Valves
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