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Electric Floor Heating Thermostat Wifi

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Application: for Electric Floor Heating Thermostat Wifi System
Feature: Touch Screen, Wi-Fi function, Voice Control
Model: WE, WW, or LD optional
HY516WE 16A for Electric heating
HY516WW 3A for Water heating
HY516LD 3A for Gas boiler

Production Introduction

Electric Floor Heating Thermostat Wifi, HY516WW-wifi is a new design that was popular in European marketing .such as in Russia, Germany, Norway, etc. This thermostat can be installed into a 55*55mm light switch frame. it can control water floor heating and gas boiler etc. Meanwhile compatible with Alexa and google assistant etc

Product Feature

One of the primary benefits of the HY516 floor heating thermostat is its ability to provide precise temperature control. The thermostat features a digital interface, which makes it easy to set and adjust the temperature with accuracy. This allows users to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout their home, ensuring optimal home comfort.

The thermostat is also energy efficient, helping you save money on your energy bills. It has a range of features specifically designed to help you cut down on energy usage, including a programmable timer, which allows you to set the temperature according to your schedule. This ensures that your heating system is only running when it needs to, reducing your energy consumption and ultimately, your utility bills.

Another major advantage of the HY516 floor heating thermostat is its versatility. It can be used with a wide variety of different floor heating systems, including both electric and water-based systems. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners looking to replace an old, outdated thermostat or install a brand-new system.


90-240Vac 50/60Hz


Tuya smart thermostat

Display accuracy:



5+2/6+1/ 7 days

Contact capacity:

3A(WW/LD); 16A(WE)

Limit temperature range:


Range of temperature adjustment:


Insulating condition:

Normal environment

Probe sensor:



Switch relay


recessed type (in the wall)



Electric Floor Heating Thermostat Wifi
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