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Heating and Air Conditioning Thermostats

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Feature:2 pipe/4 pipe, wind speed adjustment, 7 days and 4 hours programming
Application: Indoor Temperature Control of Central Air Conditioning Fan Coil System

Production Introduction

HY01AC heating and air conditioning thermostats are specially designed for central air conditioning fan coil or air duct systems to regulate indoor temperature. Suitable for water system or air system (two pipes or four pipes for air conditioning), adjust the room temperature by controlling the fan coil, electric valve, electric ball valve or air valve. While reaching the set temperature, it also achieves the purpose of energy saving. It can also be selected with Modbus or RS485 and Keycard functions.

Product Feature

1.WEEKLY PROGRAMMING: The HY01AC thermostat has 5/2 day, 6/1 day and 7 day scheduling function, the temperature can be set in 4 different time periods every day, which can match your weekly schedule. Heating or cooling to your desired temperature only when needed saves energy and money.

2.With the wind speed icon, you can clearly adjust the wind speed.

3.The thermostat will display the room temperature and the set temperature, letting you know the room temperature in real time.

4.Three working modes of ventilation, heating and cooling can be selected to meet your different needs.

5.The product has a sleep mode and can be turned on and off regularly.


100~ 240Vac 50/60Hz

Range of temperature display:


Display accuracy:


Contact capacity:


Running program

Set per 1 week as a cycle

Limit temperature range:


Range of temperature adjustment:


Insulating condition:

Normal environment

Probe sensor:



Switch relay




130mm *90mm *27mm

Heating and Air Conditioning Thermostats
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