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Mini Electric Actuator

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Application: Control the opening and closing of manifolds or small valves in warm water (floor) heating systems in commercial buildings, residential buildings, light industrial buildings, etc. Feature: Wax-filled element, Reliable long time operation, Noise-free operation, No mounting tools required, Position indicator on actuator, Normally-closed configuration.
Model: H30

Production Introduction

Mini Electric Actuator is an electric device that controls the water flow in warm water (floor) heating systems. It is commonly used to control the temperature of a room by controlling the flow of hot water to the heating system. It is able to work with different types of valves and is easy to install and operate. It is a compact and lightweight solution, which allows it to be used in smaller spaces. It is also energy efficient and cost effective.

H30 mini electric actuator is used to control the opening and closing of small valves or PDM execution control. Installed on the pipe of the water collection circuit or on the thermostatic valve. Has a spring return function to close the valve when power is lost. Indicates stroke position and opening, and operates without noise. Connected by a nut, the installation is simple and quick, and the disassembly is easy.

Product Feature

1. Mini Electric Actuator On-off and stable control closed-loop valve.

2. The paraffin propeller is driven by heated PTC, and it runs without noise

3. Power off the valve, the valve will be closed when the electric actuator is powered off. The valve is closed by the spring return function.

4. Indicates stroke position and opening

5. Nut connection, simple and quick installation and easy disassembly.




Normally closed


230VAC ,110VAC ,24VAC

Initial Current




Maximum Load


Working Temperature


Security Level

II(double insulation)

Cable Length


IP Grade


Working Current



180s(on-off) 62mm*30mm*39mm

Mini Electric Actuator
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