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Underfloor Heating Wifi Control

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Application: for underfloor heating,infrared heater,Gas boiler
Feature: Wireless control,Weekly programmable, Button
HY02B05RF-BW for Gas bolier
HY02B05RF-WW for underfloor water heating system
HY02B05RF-WE for underfloor electric heating system

Production Introduction

Underfloor heating wifi control is a type of home automation system that allows the user to control their underfloor heating from any location via a wifi connection. It enables the user to adjust the temperature of the heating system, manually or automatically, from any wifi-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet. This system also offers a range of features, such as energy efficiency, scheduling, and remote access, as well as allowing for integration with other smart home systems. With this, users can optimize their underfloor heating system for comfort, convenience, and cost savings.

HY02B05RF Programmable Wireless Thermostat is intended for automatic control of electrical heating and infrared heater in winter/cold areas It will automatically turn on/off heating devices as your preset target temperature or preset time, to maintain a stable room temperature in order to provide comfort and save energy.

Underfloor Heating WiFi Control with LCD Backlight: big LCD screen with a blue and white backlight displays the current temperature and target temperature.

Product Feature

Weekly Programmable Design: Underfloor Heating WiFi Control have programmable, so you can set different target temperatures a different times to obtain a comfortable circumstance and save energy.

1. App Online Control: control this thermostat by App online, control your thermostat everywhere with your smartphone and change your room temperature in advance, improving your lifestyle; Supports app operation, easier for scheduling programs, set functions, and check current states by the app.

2. Radio Frequency(RF) remote control thermostat is designed with a stand and a hanging hole, can be placed in desktop or mounted on wall.Built in temperature sensor to control your heating and cooling devices within max. 20m transmission.

4. High Quality: made of Superior Materials, the frame is PC engineering plastic and the inner sensor type is NTC, it has durable buttons. With accurate circuit design, stable and precise, longer service life.

5. Money Saving

the thermostat can save even more on heating bills.


2AA*1.5V alkaline batteries

Range of temperature display:


Display accuracy:


Running program:

Set per 1 week as a cycle



Limit temperature range:


Range of temperature adjustment:


Insulating condition:

Normal environment

Probe sensor:



Switch relay


Blue White



Underfloor Heating Wifi Control
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