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Underfloor Water Heating Thermostat

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Application: for Underfloor Electric /Water Heating System
Feature:TFT color screen smart thermostat
Model: WE, WW or LD (dry contact ) optional
HYT001WE 16A for Electric heating
HYT001WW 3A for Water heating
HYT001LD 3A for Gas boiler

Production Introduction

HYT001 is underfloor water heating thermostat with smart life APP control.It is TFT color screen display which allow you directly click screen to set parameter,meanwhile compatible with Alexa ,google assistant ,IFTTT etc. You also can check the heater device working time.

Product Feature

1.TFT touch screen thermostat : you can operate it easily and see it clear from any view angle

2.Calculate time on heating: you can check the time how long the heater is on and save the energy

3..Children lock to prevent misoperation by children: Avoiding our child's misoperation, and disturbing the program we've programmed.

4.Alexa and google assistant voice control : It is available.

5. Open window detection:The open window detection function makes it easy to save energy. The thermostat wifi will automatically close down the heating to prevent energy wastage when the room is ventilated – by detecting a rapid drops in room temperature (such as when a door or window is left open).Set temperature threshold (set range: 10~20℃) and ventilation time (set range: 10~20 minutes). When the sensor detects room temperature drops sharply to the threshold, the thermostat will close heating system during the set time. Once the time is up, it will immediately return to the original mode. If the room temperature is still less than the threshold, the thermostat will stay in vertilation mode.


90-240Vac 50/60Hz


Tuya smart thermostat

Display accuracy:



5+2/6+1/ 7 days

Contact capacity:

3A(WW/LD); 16A(WE)

Limit temperature range:


Range of temperature adjustment:


Insulating condition:

Normal environment

Probe sensor:



Switch relay


recessed type (in the wall)



Underfloor Water Heating Thermostat
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